About Us

Sporsan commercial life started in 1963 under the name of Sporsan Sporting Goods. Since its inception, many of the sporting goods industry contracting business from production to installation on time and in compliance with standards and fulfilled all of the services in this area a unique sense of quality, and reliability of the technology and the experience gained by integrating Turkey has become a leading and respected. Who want to continue their activities as a corporate brand in the field of sporting goods company Sporsan Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. in 2000. Ltd. was restructured as.


21 century, which has become a rapidly growing sector in the middle east, especially the production of synthetic turf Sporsan began in 2007 as in the past, and the accumulation of experience in this field by using the infrastructure of the market very quickly and safely logged, and every day with renewed and increasing product portfolio in the industry have been replaced is located. The constant pursuit of innovation and R & D activities in the sector that supports them the confidence to sign our company has continued to work in several principles.


In 2010, the facilities under one roof, combining different points in Ankara, 10.000 m2 closed area of 14,000 m2 facility in Ankara Akyurt'taki moved. Thus, a new team of experts in the fields Sporsan ongoing process of renewal and weaving machinery with the latest technology has increased its annual capacity to 3 million square meters.


FIFA approved and certified by the manufacturer of Sporsan to participate in the company with a very "FIFA Recommended 2 Star 1 and Star-" Approved site installation has signed. In addition, our TSEK certificate and ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certifications and meets all the requirements of quality and management approach is required.


Product basis, soccer, tennis, golf, and a wide range of decorative applications, with synthetic turf sport, this field esteemed customers at home and abroad is proud to offer the best products and service.