Quality Policy


1 - Reputation and The Reputation of the Company to Maintain and Upgrade

Company operating in the sports products industry, and to increase the protection of the reputation acquired so far, without compromising quality work on time, one in construction and do it right. To identify the needs and expectations of the employer to meet them at the highest level.

2 - Scientific and Technological Developments

Raising the level of quality and to monitor developments in science and technology to increase productivity, provide training for personnel working in these developments will need to. "Quality Management System" to ensure continuous improvement of the quality complying with the terms.

3 - To ensure the Participation of all Employees

Quality, give importance to team work to ensure the enhancement of productivity and profitability. To promote the contributions in this area, and a sub-contractor companies working together to ensure participation by checking teamwork.

4 - To Protect the Natural Environment

Productions of works done during the planning and construction sites to take measures to minimize the effects to the environment and to create an effective environmental awareness.


5 - To Ensure Workers' Health and Safety


Give due consideration to the health and safety of employees and in all activities related to the work in accordance with the regulations.