Human passion towards  nature and the green is increasing with each passing day. For this reason, to increase  green space of the cities,  municipalities, plants  each year more than millions of square meters of grass. In parallel, the cultivation of natural grass in the backyard is rapidly increasing with each passing day. However,  after planting,  irrigation, fertilization, labor force needs a lot of money. In addition, some regions due to the geographical structure may not be conducive to the cultivation of natural grass.

Sporglide products  meet the needs of natural grass and provides the ability to minimize the costs, such as irrigation and fertilization.

Sporglide group products;

Easily applied in all types of interior and exterior  areas. Gives an image of the natural environment. Due to the long life and low maintenance costs may be preferred, especially in urban and public projects. Without the need of  water can be designed to süit  garden. This product is very suitable for roof, gardens and swimming pool.